Retargeto Roadmap

We are working around the clock to make retargeto better.
Here's what you can expect in upcoming releases:

Shopware Plugin

The shopware plugin has been successfully developed and tested with retargeto - and it works like a charm!

Basic Analytics

Basic analytics for voucher campaign success, buy and click rates and more has been finished. This is only the first step in a long journey of increasing the power of retargetos' upcoming analytics suite.

Voucher campaign testrun with multiple merchants

Testing of the retargeto core, running the voucher campaigns has been successful. After months of testing and adjusting, the core system is now finished.

Q4 - 2019
Retargeto platform (SaaS) Launch

This quarter marks the un-official launch of our new SaaS plattform with selected customers only. If you're interested in becoming one, please contact us.

Recommendation Engine V1

Customers are more likely to purchase if the product has been recommended. A future feature of retargeto will be an build-in recommendation engine for vouchers as well as products.